As I have mentioned before, I feel the social distance will be here for sometime thus necessitating  adjustments to our distributions.  First, regarding produce, since it generally takes 4 of us to prepare over 200 produce bundles each time and our space here doesn't lend itself to allowing the 6' distance between us,  I am waiting until the restrictions are lifted to allow at least small groups.  If not in the near future, I will start thinking about produce pickup scheduled curbside throughout the whole week and may include porch drops.  I will decide toward the end of this month.

Meanwhile an update on the packets!  Thank you to all that have offered to assist in getting these done.  I will be contacting you this week.  I decided to add quite a few sheets to expand what we'll be able to purchase together.  If you have not request a packet of order sheets please send your request to [email protected]  If you have requested a packet, you are on this list regardless if you have not heard back from me.  I have been involved with the farms and vendors ordering, reserving and picking up product to the point that I am running quite a bit behind responding. 

You may order the Graham's beef or pork bundles at anytime.  I have chicken arriving every week as well. You may also place orders for unfi at any time.  Orders need to be submitted by email.  I'll contact you for your curbside appt.

That's it for now!