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SPICES (Min. 2 oz. per item)

Organic Bulk:

Basil, Sweet  1.31 oz.

Bayleaf (10 ct.)  .69 oz.

Chili Powder Blend  1.37 oz. *

Chili Red Pepper Flakes  1.12 oz.

Cinnamon, Vietnamese  .99 oz.

Garlic Powder  1.46 oz.

Garlic Salt  .72 oz.

Italian Seasoning  1.34 oz. *

Oregano Leaf  1.34 oz.

Onion, Chopped  .95 oz.

Onion, Powdered  .99 oz.

Rosemary  1.37 oz.

Sage, Ground  1.53 oz.

Smoked Paprika 1.25 oz.

Taco Seasoning  1.47 oz.*

Thyme Leaf  1.99 oz.

*Email for Information on the ingredients of the blends