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Farmer Andy Eggs 5.79 (3 or more dozen 5.49 ea)

Applegate OG Ham, Black Forest Slices 6 oz. 7.39

Bubbies Dill Pickles 33 oz. 8.49 

Bubbies Sauerkraut 25 oz. 8.39

Farmhouse OG  Garlic Dill Gut Shot 16 oz. 7.39

Organic Prairie OG Pepperoni Slices 5 oz. 7.69

Organic Prairie OG Summer Sausage 12 oz. 12.59

Organic Valley OG Shred. Mexican Ch. 6 oz. 4.99

Organic Valley OG Shred. Mozzarella 6 oz. 4.99

Rumiano OG Pepper Jack Cheese Slices 6 oz. 4.59

Uncle Matt's OG Orange Juice  52 oz. 7.99