Learn how to meal prep like a pro to put affordable, healthy and delicious home cooked meals on your dinner table.  Say goodbye to fast food and  carryout with their additives and hello to organic fresh cooked dinners.  Who wouldn't like more time for themselves and their family!


Meal kits come with the raw premeasured, pre- weighed items needed to complete each recipe and full instructions on assembling and getting them into the freezer ready for those super busy (or lazy) days!  


Meals are designed to pull out of the freezer the night before....ready to slow cook, grill or pop into the oven the next day! 

Plan on setting aside an hour or so (depending on how many meals you'd like to prep) and my demo video will guide you through. 

 Text me at 248-249-4821 for a sample recipe or the video link.

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