Back to the drawing board the saying goes!

I have lost money, tons of produce, perishables, bulk, coolers and hair thanks to Covid 19 (okay the coolers were old and on their last legs...but you get my drift!)

I'm going to give this another shot but it will require simplification. Attempting to fill orders in a timely fashion (time is money right?)has become a nightmare.  There is plenty of food but the delivery and availability has no  rhyme or reason to it.  Members are ordering but having to wait on out of stocks which requires more time and trips...I am having to keep tally and store each item as it comes in and it has just been too confusing and time consuming as well.

So, what's the plan now?  After our open market taught me that we must stay more vigilant about safety, we will be returning to curbside by appointment. Delivery is now back as an option.  Produce will need to be by bundles along with a host of other things such as broker deals.  I will post current inventory of our meats, etc.  It is far easier to bring product in and then offer back out to the members at this time of crazy!  

Ordering from the sheets (with the exception of UNFI and Frontier) will be put on hold for the time being.  With produce, by ordering further in advance, I'm hoping to cut the amount out of stocks down.

Looking forward to our little market opening back up and all your smiles! Meanwhile, keeping our families safe and my sanity will be a good thing.