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From Lynn:

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to update you on the co-op and changes going forward.  Actually, I should say not much will be changing.

I have learned what has and hasn't worked over the last year and a half.  Produce bundles work...preordering works...curbside appts. work. While I know many of you have been anxiously waiting for the market to open....our current format enables me to keep our costs down, eliminates wasted trips for members, provides added safety and frees up more of my time for family, friends and all things spiritual.

A big thank you going out to those that sent me their feedback regarding produce. Being that organic produce has become readily available just about everywhere, I will focus the bundes on local farms and harder to find items in the bigger stores.

The number one comment I received was regarding meat and our commitment to support  local Michigan farmers.  This has increasingly become my main focus.  I realized the importance of our local sources when there was an interruption of the food supply chain a few months back.

There has been a huge increase in our families taking advantage of Unfi case purchases.  Savings average around 30% and save a ton of driving looking for certain items not readily found in our area.  Unfi offers great monthly sales which can result in further savings. 

Bulk items and spices continue to be popular along with our local eggs, honey and maple syrup.  These will continue to be on hand.

I plan on offering more variety on the website of national brands....especially items that are focused on meal preparation.  Speaking about meal prep, many have asked if make ahead meals kits will be returning and this is another area I plan on expanding.

In closing, I want to thank all of you for your continued support and hope to  see your smiling faces for years to come!  Feel free to reach out with any questions you may still have.